Finally blogging on the Drupal 8 beta

Submitted by xjm on Fri, 02/27/2015 - 19:24

So, funny story. Four years ago, I created a blog on Drupal Gardens. Three years ago, the university I was working for screwed up and deleted my email account. Two years ago, I started working in Acquia's Office of the CTO. Last year, my blog was automatically deleted, because it was never associated with my Acquia employee account and the email notifications about its impending deletion were going into a black hole. Good times!

It's been annoying that all the Drupal contribution resources on my blog have been missing from the internet since last summer, but I took it as a sign that it was time to build my blog on Drupal 8. I have the old content. In .html files downloaded from the Wayback Machine. Ohh yeah. So at some point I'll import all that content, clicky-clicky style... But for now, my blog is shiny and new and running on Beta 7

Beyond the obvious of "have a blog again", my obectives are to actually use the software I've been helping build for four years, to do my own bit to test a real D8 site before 8.0.0 (I've already found potential bugs in Quick Edit and in Bartik),  and to test configuration workflows for D8 on Cloud.

Thanks webchick for the handy instructions for installing D8 on Acquia Cloud hostingNext two hurdles:

  1. Only the master branch of drush works with D8, but the version available on my Cloud server is 6.5.0. So I need to sort whether it's possible to use a different version, or maybe set up aliases and keys and whatnot so I can use my local copy of drush for this site. Update! You can just use the command drush7 instead of drush on Cloud (thanks webchick).
  2. I need a solution for comment moderation, so I have my eye on the D8 port of Mollom. (I would've loved to hack on Mollom during the recent Acquia Hackathon, but I was sprinting in Bogotá at the time. I have no regrets about that, as Bogotá was amazing.)